8 Steps to Attracting Clients

6 year ago, by 121temps in BusinessBusiness Opportunities • 4807 views Thereís a logical sequence to building a business, even a virtual assistant business (visit http://www.121temps.com for a definition). By committing to follow these eight steps, you can attract more clients and have the kind of income you want. Step One: Get Clear On Whom You Are Targeting Before beginning any marketing, you must find your target audience. Do your research and discover who your products or services can help the most. Specialising your approach will help your conversion rate. It may make you nervous to think of narrowing your options, but itís the first step in attracting more long-term clients. Hereís one more benefit to narrowing your focus: each time you specialize more, youíre able to charge more for your services. Step Two: Understand What They Really Want Emotionally and Logically Once youíve identified your best target audience, itís time to learn what they really want. What do they dream of accomplishing? What keeps them awake at night? Thereís no point in marketing your products if you arenít sure what your target market wants. Hereís a key concept: people buy what they want, not what you think they need. Get to know your market and youíll find making sales much easier. Step Three: Package What Youíre Offering Toward Desired End Results Because you understand your market so well, you know the desired end result theyíd like to achieve. The closer you get to that desired end result, the better youíll do in business. Package your products toward that result, so that youíre always meeting the needs of your clients. When youíre really tuned into the needs of your target market, youíll experience the rush of business running smoothly. Youíll stop having to push and shove to make sales and see how it all flows togetheróthe needs of a group of people, and products packaged to meet those needs. People donít buy because they understand something, they buy because they feel understood. Step Four: Create an Irresistible Offer What are you delivering with your products, and what must the client give in return? Here is an example: ďGive me ten minutes per day and Iíll give you the body youíve always wanted.Ē You want to state your offer in a compelling way that has people raising their hands to say ďI want that!Ē Work on developing your one-sentence offer; it will form the basis of all your other marketing. Step Five: Go Find Your Target Audience Where do the people most likely to buy your products hang out? Do they congregate on online forums? What publications do they read? Which organisations do they join? If youíve done good market research, you willl already know the answers. Now, go out there and make your irresistible offer to them in ads, talks, comments on forums etc. Step Six: Practice Great Follow-up Youíve done your research, created great products, packaged them to meet the needs of your target audience, and made your offer where they congregate. To maximize all the hard work youíve already done, you must follow-up consistently. Whatís the best way to make sure that happens? By automating and systematising as much of your follow-up as possible. Hereís the rule: Always follow up, and find ways to make it automatic. Step Seven: Close the Sale This one gets stepped around so often, and thatís a shame, because itís essential if you want to succeed. Learn how to ask for business. For some companies, that means a face-to-face meeting, and for others, the entire sales process can be automated. Whichever way you chose to close, you must give your prospects enough information that they can buy with confidence. Automate that information-sharing as much as you can, with web pages, sales letters and brochures, so that you can expand your impact quickly. Step Eight: Make Additional Offers The bulk of your profits are going to be made from additional sales to satisfied customers. Youíve already built a relationship with them and they know you can be trusted. Create products you can offer them as you continue to listen and hear what solutions they need. These long-term clients give your business stability, and youíre not out chasing new clients constantly. Following the eight steps puts you on the path to attracting new clients and earning more income. Keep working through them until youíve perfected your products and your offer. Automate as many of your processes as you can, and donít forget to offer additional products to satisfied customers. By doing so, youíll be on the road to the income you want.

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