Children Obesity Calls Heart Disease, Doctors Say

ago, by Jane Abigail in HealthFitness • 3380 views These days, at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2010, Dr. Kevin Harris and colleagues made public the results of a study made on 63 children, all around 13 years old, with obesity signs. After taking their blood test, measuring their BMI (Body Mass Index), valuating their lipids and undergoing echocardiography, they calculated the Pulse Wave Velocity, which is an indicator of aortic stiffness. "The normal aorta has elastic qualities that buffer the flow of blood. When that elasticity is lost, aortic stiffness results - a sign of developing cardiovascular disease," Dr. Harris told the meeting. "Aortic stiffness is associated with cardiovascular events and early death." Aorta is the largest blood vessel of the body and it connects the heart with major blood vessels in the body.
Pulse Wave Velocity and other measurements showed that aortal health was already damaged. "We know there is an association between unhealthy lifestyles and heart disease. Our kids are at risk," she says. "Poor nutrition and inactivity are threatening their health and well-being. We must rethink the lifestyle standards we have accepted as a society to protect the future health of our kids." The children obesity is becoming an increasing problem in US and European countries, it has been tripled in the last 25 years and is continuing to grow. The results of this study are important because they show aortic modifications in the elastic properties, while the blood lipid levels and blood pressure remains normal. This may be a compensatory effect of the young child organism, but which may decompensate with aging. The risks of the children obesity include diabetes type 2, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

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