How to Choose a Tie For Your Man?

ago, by Andrea Rider in FashionMen • 3704 views Would you like to make a present for your man that would be easy to buy, not too expensive and affordable? Considering the multitude of the options you have, probably the most beautiful and interesting choice would be a silk tie. It is rare when you can go wrong with a tie: you can’t get the wrong size and for a man the color isn’t a big problem. It is easy to choose one, it is easy to handle it and it will add more class and style to your beloved man’ suit and general look, so, it deserves to be considered. As women choose usually to give practical presents and to offer something that will be of use, a silk tie will do the both: will add more style to his outfit and will be of good use. The only problem you might encounter in choosing a type for a man is selecting a wrong color. To be sure you select one of the colors he prefers, try to make some short notes on what type of colors your man is tending to wear the most. The fact that he is a person looking to discover new things or not, opened to experiments and living a dynamic lifestyle, might also give you some ideas of ties he could like. It is not so hard to choose a tie for him, and if he is not too pretentious at what exactly he’s wearing, then knowing some of the colors that he is prone to wear might do the trick. Pay attention when you plan to buy a tie in bright colors, such as orange, yellow, golden nuances, bright green, because men usually tend to avoid these colors and their tones. Usually, they tend to go with more “calm” and usual colors, such as black, grey, dark glue, dark green, bright blue, or some combinations of these, in stripes, dots, spots, etc. Other men would incline to wear a more non-conformist and distinguishable designs, such as floral imprints or ties in some bright nuances, which would help his personality stand out of his social group. If your man is a confident person and he is ready to try more than usual colors and patterns, there are big chances that your man will love to receive no just a boring tie, but something more interesting, maybe in more original colors and with some unseen prints, that will be an attention-grabber and will add more value to his personality. When you offer a tie, you can anticipate your present, by saying that you are going to offer a very practical gift, which you have selected according to his personality. This way, you will outline the fact that it has something in common with him and that through this necktie, he might understand some things about the way you are seeing him. You can also say that it is made out of silk and that for a long lasting life, it needs special care: no stains, drops or some liquids, avoid keeping it knotted all the time and store it away from direct sunlight. This will make his tie live longer and remember you each time he puts it on.

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