Liver Flush With Olive Oils -- Good or Bad for Your Health?

ago, by Andrea Rider in HealthSelf Help • 5387 views I wasn't in the mood to write at the time I did the liver flush this summer, but now I will remember some of the most important aspects and will talk about them in this post.

Why I did the liver flush?

Being a chronic acne sufferer and after talking to a dermatologist I trust, I was suggested that there might be a gastrointestinal infection inside me, that keeps triggering acne all this years. At my 23, it begins to be very embarrassing and annoying to wake up in the morning with 10 - 15 white zits. I have some fears that now, when I want to get a job, my employer might not like that I look like a teenager in his fifteens, with acne breakouts. Actually, my acne story is pretty long, I'll probably write another article on that another day. Now I was just about to tell you how I flushed my liver a few months ago. After my dermatologist suggested me that there might be some issues with my gastrointestinal tract, the same day I run to the lab and took a blood test for Helicobacter Pylori. It turned out to be increased more than 7 times, so now I had something to treat - my stomach infection I just discovered. After that I went for a ultrasound abdominal exam and there I found another surprise - my gallbladder is hosting a 1.5cm gallstone! I understood that both my stomach and my gallbladder were affected, I have a chronic source of inflammation in my organism so I had to cure them. The idea that one day I have to undertake a gallbladder surgical excision scares me. I don't like the idea that I have to be under anesthetics and that after that I will never have the same life quality. More than 40% of persons who removed their gallbladders in US, say their life quality got worse. I found on internet a lot of people talking about the liver flush, with grapefruit juice and Epsom salts, so I decided to try it at least once. Sincerely, I still don't know if I did a good or a bad thing. I could be ending in emergency room the same day, because my gallstone was of bigger dimensions that our bile duct is, so every time you think of a liver flush, think about you could end up with an acute cholecystitis or a pancreatitis, both being threatening to life and health. I thought that if I'm not doing this, than I'll ask myself years after that "why haven't I did that, maybe that would have helped my acne", and if I would end up in emergency room with an acute cholecystitis, than anyway, it's my faith - sooner or later I would have to remove it.

How I did my liver flush?

I did it only having olive oil, lemon juice, water and Epsom salts. I'm still not sure that I bought the real Epsom salts: they sold me 1kg of salts on which writes MgSO4, but it says also that it is not a product for the end user. I was quite anxious that I had to drink 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts. You can find on internet the detailed liver flush program, I took it from I followed strictly to the program, but had no grapefruit juice, and since it was there only to improve the oil's taste I said I'll do fine without it. For me, it wasn't so hard to swallow a glass of olive oil. I lied as the program said, and slept very well, without ornithine or other medication. In the morning I woke up constipated, though they say you have to have diarrhea and had a major bowel movement only 12 in the noon. There were 2 things I was afraid of: that my Epsom salts weren't really Epsom salts, and I could finish intoxicated with magnesium, and that once I flush, my almost 2cm gallstone would stop in billiary duct and call a cholecystitis or obstruct the pancreatic duct and wake up in the morning with a pancreatitis. None of these happened, fortunately.

Any stones?

No, I haven't observed any real stones in my stool. At first I thought that those brownish pieces of shit covered with olive oil and bile are my stones and was very happy my flush succeeded, but then I found on the net the real true. Someone was saying on forum that if a gallstones passes through your bile duct you can really feel it, because it hurts. And I believe him. Our bile duct is half a cm in its diameter, sometimes even less. I guess if my almost 2cm stone would be passed through this small orifice, I would have the worst night of my life. Fortunately, it did not. And, as far as I see, it will never. My point is maybe the flush can help you free the gallbladder of some excess of bile or some "old" bile, but no way gallstones, bigger than duct's diameter, will pass unnoticed and without any pain. They say, also, that Epsom salts helps relaxing the Oddi sphincter, so that the stones pass easier. Maybe it has some action onto the sphincter, but for sure it can't dilate the entire bile duct which is longer than 10 cm.

Will I repeat a liver flush again?

Not sure about that. I consider it being a too radical procedure, too dangerous especially for me, who has ultrasound confirmed big gallstone. It has to be probably the ultimate try for those who are sure that the next day will go to the emergency room. Otherwise, to flush your liver just because YOU think it is full of toxins, is a pure insanity. Go get a blood test, a ultrasound exam, and after that start some treatments. Now, considering the risks I exposed myself to, I think it was a big mistake I tried this radical method of "detoxifying" my gallbladder and liver. If you are about to follow Hulda Clark's flush method, please read more about her before you do. She was in conflict with American government and refugee in Mexico. - a visitor to H. Clark's clinica - wikipedia article on her life and activity

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