Modern Technology -- a Danger to our Societies

ago, by Andrea Rider in TechnologyElectronics • 5568 views Back a few decades ago, talking to someone from the street or having direct indications about the correct way to a destination was just a dream. Nowadays, we carry in our pockets devices that open for us the endless world of internet and which are powerful tools to ease our day-by-day life. However, phones, laptops, pagers and such devices can not only give you the information, but can send some information about you to the phone operator or to a computer server. Also, the social networks that we are using give a lot of information about us, even Facebook has some weak points known by hackers, which allow them to see your private data you donít want to show to everyone. I partly agree with the statement that the modern technology is by far a danger to our society. A good example of how the technology helps us save time and energy are the emails. Without it we would still send paper letters and spend a lot of time and paper on this. Due to internet and mobile telephony the companies can increase their productivity, employees can communicate easier. So, saying that the modern technology is entirely a threat for our life is wrong. The main issue of the nowadays technology remains the fact who detains control on the private data. Should the government be involved in the data privacy or the private companies should keep secret all the sensible information? The fact that we can be followed and easily found by our credit card usage history, by the phone calls we have made, by the computers we access internet, makes some believe that we donít live in a secure modern world. For instance, if some criminal groups could penetrate the security wall of private data, than we are under real threat. The banks are usually a target of such attacks Ė groups of hackers attack accounts of companies to steal money or the accounts of civilians to gain more information about their transactions and financial status. If the data security would receive more attention and we would be sure that it is really safe to use internet and bank accounts, than probably the dangers of the modern technology will stop worry us so much.

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