Pokemon White Version Review and What's New

ago, by Jane Abigail in GamesVideo Games • 3536 views Nintendo recently released the Pokemon White Version, a handheld Role-Playing Game for Nintendo DS/DSi. It is a game in which players experience a classic Adventure RPG, as they capture the wild Pokemon and use them in face-offs against other Trainers to see who is the best.

What's new in the Pokemon White Version?

The new Pokemon White Version includes some additional features such as: - access to the Legendary Pokemon - Zekrom - Unova, a all-new and diverse game region - the choice of one of three starter Pokemons - improved graphics - new and multiple battle modes - the ability to wirelessly trade the Pokemon - multiplayer options

Unova, a new region in Pokemon White Version

Beside the features that constantly thrilled Nintendo DS players, now we are introduced a totally new region - Unova. Unova is a region of natural and urban landscapes, where you can encounter the same time bridges or skyscrapers, mountains or seascapes. it is brought to life with improved graphics, it is filled with the blend of all-ne Polemon, including the Vast White Pokemon Reshiram and the Deep Black Pokemon Zekrom. The player can step into the role of a male or female Trainer and they have the choice of their first Pokemon, which will serve as their companion through Unova. They will travel through Unova and catch every other possible Pokemon and test their skills against other Trainers in turn-based battles. The Legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom appear in Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version, but each can only be caught in their respective versions. The Legendary Pokemon Reshiram appears on the cover of Pokemon Black Version and the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom is seen on the cover of Pokemon White Version . In addition to a wealth of new Pokemon for players to catch, train and battle with, Pokemon White Version also supplies players with entirely new ways to fight with its new Battle Modes: Triple Battles and Rotation Battles.

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