"The Interpretation of Dreams" -- a Short Review After Reading the Book

ago, by Jane Abigail in RecreationBooks • 3377 views In the 19th century, a prominent psychiatrist - Sigmund Freud, launched an hypothesis about the dream's interpretation. He wrote a book "The interpretation of dreams" which is appreciated for the theories it offers on the dreams' origin. His book is concentrated around some real-life examples with dreams he had or dreams of his friends, after what he explains why those dreams appeared. The bottom line of the book and the general theory of Freud about the dream's origin rely in our unfulfilled wishes, complex mixes between what we want, what we think, what we censor and memory stored facts. Freud insist about the theory that our dreams are nothing else than the fulfilling of our wishes and intentions. He explains that with a lot of arguments and real-life examples, which make the book "The interpretation of dreams" not only an interesting reading, but an interesting scientific approach also. One of the simplest example he gives us in his book is with a dream he had. The dream was about how he was drinking a lot of water, being very thirsty and woke up because of that. When he woke up he indeed was very thirsty, and that because before he got to bed he eaten salted food. He says this experiment can be repeated by anyone - eating something salted will lead to dreams where you drink water. The psychology of the dreams is more complex, said Freud in his book, but this examples draws very well how the things work. Our brain stores a lot of information and it was proved that it works on the basis of associations it makes between different symbols, images, feelings and perceptions. The dreams reflect our hidden wishes through the experiences and perception we already had at some point in our lives. For me, this book was a very interesting lecture. Though, my mistake was i downloaded and uploaded it on my phone, from where I read it and that made it a occasional reading, which later I understood was not correct. For me, the place and the way I read a book plays an important role and hard-cover books have a bigger impact on me. So, if you want to read the Freud's interpretation of dreams, go get a a hard-cover copy and immerse in it. It will be a very interesting reading, you have my word.

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