Remove programs from Windows XP startup - programmes which load by deafult

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If you want to make your Windows XP machine load faster, one solution would be to remove the programmes which load by default when your system boots up. These programmes take a lot of time and memory to load and waiting for all of them to do their thing tosses our nerves, aren't they?
I'm planning a cleanup today too I have cluttered too many programmes, so I plan to remove some of them. This is how my startup bar looks before my clean-up: My startup bar before clean-up

To start, we will need to access the System Configuration Utility.
It can be accessed by running the msconfig command in your Run command line.
To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Press the Start button on your Windows XP machine → Run... Press the Start button of Windows XP and then Run...
  2. In the command line type msconfig and press OK
  3. System Configuration Utility window will pop-up The System Configuration Utility window
  4. Select Startup tab: what you see now is a list of all the processes which load automatically when you boot your system.
    Beware, some of the processes and programmes are necessary for proper computer function, so you better leave those you don't know what they really do. But everything else (in my case: Windows Side Note, Avira antivirus, Microsoft ActiveSync, HTC Sync) can be easily be unchecked. I know I can start all these programmes if I want to by myself and I don't want them to load automatically at each Windows startup.
  5. After you have deselected the programmes you don't want to be loaded next time, click Apply → Close in the System Configuration Utility window.
  6. You will be asked to restart the system To set in action the changes you have made, your system will need a restart. If you exit without a restart, all your changes will take effect at the next reboot. You will notice a substantial decrease in the amount of time for system start and you will have now a faster Windows XP machine.

Windows XP maked sure you want to save the changes After your restart you will get a pop-up similar to this which will ask you if you would like to keep the changes you have made to your system. If you are sure about this, check the "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows start" and press OK. If you are leaving this box unchecked, this pop/up will appear after each reboot. This way Windows XP assures that you agree with the changes you have implemented to your system.

Here is how my startup bar looks now: much cleaner and just with the programmes I really need. How my Windows XP startup looks after the speed improvement I made This is a real time saver tip and I hope you enjoyed it. Please like it on Facebook and share it: maybe your friends will find it useful too and they need a hand with their Windows XP speed improvement.

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