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ago, by Alexander Korton in ComputersWeb Development • 1987 views This is the very first article on this site. Posting the first article in an article directory that pursues to host thousands of articles in the near future is like make the first step to a long trip. At the moment when I'm writing this, I know that there are still some imperfections and with your feedback, I hope we remove the remaining bugs and improve this service. More than a year ago I came up with the idea of launching a free article directory, but never managed to find time for it. And here it is now, after a lot of tedious work and coding, the brand new free article directory as I wanted it to be. And I hope you'll like it and will make use of it. To encourage writers and motivate them, and knowing that the many part of today's authors have and Adsense account, I decided to add to this article directory an Adsense revenue sharing program. It is optional, you can only submit articles if you are looking for exposure and some linkbacks. I will keep you updated with more information on this program. As the site is only at its first begining, there will be constant updates to our Conditions. Please stick to them and follow the rules that we have, it will save yours and mine time a lot. This article directory is and will always be human monitored, and I hope this will keep a high standart for our articles.

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