Where to buy cheap Zhu Zhu pets?

ago, by Alexander Korton in GamesToys • 3514 views I tried to find where is the best place to buy these very cute hamsters that are today’s craziness in the toy supermarkets and it appears that there is a lot of places online where you can get them at very affordable prices. First, you definitely have to take a look at the Google Shopping, as they have a very interesting list of best Zhu Zhu offers. They list the best offers around and they give you details about shipping and some additional fees you might have to pay for. There are a lot of hamsters to choose from and each of them has its own character and sounds, as you already might know. Also, I found an interesting site, that has some good advice on Zhu Zhu and it lists the best offers. Check it here: Where to buy Zhu Zhu? Also, Amazon has some very good deals on cheap Zhu Zhu hamsters that come at very affordable prices and with free shipping. Also, there are habitats for Zhu Zhu that makes the play with them even more entertaining. For example, there is a Funhouse habitat, where the hamsters can play and travel through a special plastic tube, or there’s a Saloon habitat where hamsters can have fun. The manufacturer’s recommended age for playing with Zhu Zhu hamsters collection is from 4 to 10 years old but, believe me, it becomes addictive even for adults, as they are very cute, small and make sweet noises and they need to be petted and loved. They make a perfect birthday present or a Christmas surprise. Zhu Zhu toys have been also featured on Good Morning America, so that probably is the main cause which turned them into the hottest toys of the year. In the amazon’s reviews we find that even adults love them and would play with a zhu zhu hamster. It has over 40 different sounds included, the wheels have good adherence and can climb on mostly any surface, except carpets and linen, where the wheels can get stuck. Also, you have to be careful with hair, because the toy is a wheeled mechanism. It weights 6.4 ounces, has 2 AAA batteries included and has different modes, such as “cuddling mode”, “play mode” (it is very fast, especially on the floor), “sleep mode”, “nurturing mode”, although these depend on the model of the Zhu Zhu hamster you bought. Overall, it is a very entertaining toy: you, your child and your dog will love it as it is very cute and funny to see it running on the floor and making strange sounds. You can buy a cheap Zhu Zhu on amazon, where they have also habitats for them and other accessories that will make the play with them even more captivating.

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