The benefits of being a zdobz publisher

Publishing your articles on our site attracts some advantages. Donít think we donít know our site is new and it has no PR yet. This is temporary. You might be thinking that publishing here would be a waste of your time but let me tell you that it is certainly not. Your articles published now after a year will be the most authoritative pages of our site and will probably get the biggest juice of our traffic. This small site will become big one day and then youíll thank yourself that you had a piece of digital cake on it :)

You Get Backlinks

Among the long-term benefits that you have to wait, there are also some benefits that will return to you in days. The main one is a backlink to your website. If you have followed the current tendency in internet world than you already know that Google and other search engines are thinking that the more backlinks you have to your site, the more important it is. Some say your links have to be only from sites with high PR, but this is not true. A link is a link, maybe it counts less if it is from a weak site or a forum signature, but it is still a link and is considered as a vote for your site. And we are giving you the opportunity to add as many such backlinks to your website as you want.

You Make Money With Us!

For sure everyone of you knows about such a brilliant service as Google Adsense. If not, please search for more information on the web and sign up with it if interested. We are also an Adsense Revenue Sharing Community and this means that we are splitting the revenue from our site with you 50/50. We think youíll love this, as not too many article directories are willing to share their income with their hard working publishers. We are different and we think you must have the same benefits as we have, because you put a lot of work and dedication in what you do. You can read more about our revenue sharing program clicking here. It works very well for any type of content, and we hope you will love this new addition to our directory.

You Get Exposure and Business Promotion

You get an exposure place for your articles. If you are one of the few who just loves to know that his or her article is published somewhere on the web, than we are friends now! We are offering unlimited space for you creations, and will always be more than glad to host them. The only condition is that they are original and unique, or at least, with some significant changes compared to other copies you have already submitted elsewhere. Pasting the same thing in 34232 places is not fun.

You Get Free Traffic

Our visitors will become your visitors, because all your articles can have links to your site in them, that our readers can follow. Also, your articles can be republished in ezines and newsletters, which means that your links will get spread too and that only means more traffic for you.

You Get a Place to Pre-Sell and Tease

You can use our article directory as a teasing preview for your sites and services. This will increase the momentum and the readersí interest in discovering whatís next. Also, when they will visit your site, they already will know what to expect and they really want to have what you give them. This is the targeted traffic everyone wants to have.

You May Be Found by Others

While your articles are published on, you have more chances to establish relations with other people in your business and be contacted for new joint ventures.

You Get Promoted by Us!

While thereís a lot of article directories on the scene and some of them are really rubbish, we take our responsibilities very seriously. Our aim is to promote your articles and make them as much visible in the search engines as possible. It is our interest to have you promoted. Your articles are automatically sent to Google via our XML sitemaps and to other interested readers via our RSS feeds that they can subscribe to.

I think these are strong arguments that will make you create an account with us and start your article submission on!

Sincerly,'s Editor
March, 2011